How To Fix Automatic Mileage Tracking Problems with QuickBooks? [Proven Tips]

Intuit has provided the automatic mileage tracking app that can be used by its QuickBooks Self-Employed customers. With this app, the users can track how many miles they have driven, and this information is automatically provided on the users' Self-Employed account. This is quite a handy feature for many users.

However, in order to track the trips of a user, this app requires many native features of the mobile on which a user use this app, such as location. And sometimes, any changes in the exiting settings like battery optimization or location access can affect the app's ability to track users' trips. So, if your QuickBooks misses trips or stops tracking the trips, then follow the below instructions to fix the automatic mileage tracking issues.

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For iOS Devices:

Note: In devices with iOS 11, every app gives three choices for location access:

1) Always  
2) Only while using the App  
3) Never

Mileage will work only if you have set the location access as ‘Always.’ This is because if you set the location access as ‘Only while using the app,’ then you'll have to keep opening the app to track your trips. And practically, while driving, it won't be possible for you to keep the app opened.

Moreover, check the following settings on your phone if the trips are not being tracked automatically:

1. First of all, ensure that the Wi-Fi is turned on by visiting the ‘Settings’ folder on your phone. For location accuracy, this is required.

2. Open ‘Settings’ again and scroll down to Self-Employed app and then, ensure the following things:
     * Set Location access to Always
     * Turn on Motion & Fitness
     * Turn on Background App Refresh
     * Enable Cellular Data

3. Make sure that you have the latest version of the tracking app. You can check for latest updates in the App Store.

4. Run the QuickBooks Self-Employed app and open the mileage tab. In here, ensure that the auto-tracking toggle is set to On and is green.

Note: To track trips, you don't need to open the app, but you are required to be logged in to the app.

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For Android Devices:

Turn On the Location Services

In order to track trips, it's essential to turn on the location services on your Android device. With active location services, the app can identify where you have started and ended your trips. For precise location tracking, you need to configure the location service to High Accuracy. Follow the below steps to do this:

1. Visit the Settings of your phone

2. Choose ‘Location,’ which you can find under: Personal/Permissions/General/Privacy and Safety option

3. Now, toggle the Location option to ON located on the top

Provide Permission for Running in the Background

Ensure that you provide the QuickBooks Self-Employed app permission to run in the background when using phone data. You may need to enable one or more settings for this; depending on your device. Below are the basic steps to do so:

1. First, visit the Settings of your device.

2. Choose Application Manager.

3. Now, look for QuickBooks Self-Employed application and then, choose Mobile Data.

4. Set the Allow unrestricted data usage or Allow app while data saver on to ‘ON.’

5. Now, turn on Allow background data usage.

Update Your QuickBooks Self-Employed App

1. First, you need to go to Google Play Store.

2. Tap on the Menu icon located at the upper-left section.

3. Choose My apps & games.

4. Now, choose Installed.

5. Scroll down to look for QuickBooks Self-Employed (generally, listed as Self-Employed in the ‘S’ section).

6. Now, if you find Update in the right, click on this option to update the application. In case you find Open, then the app is already up to date.

Turn Off Memory/Battery Optimization Options for QuickBooks Self-Employed App

While Battery/Memory optimization helps extend the battery life, save memory, and data, they can also cause delays for trips in QuickBooks Self-Employed app when activated. So, try disabling these settings for the app to enhance the performance of the same.

Enable Track Slow Speed Trips

1. First, login to QuickBooks Self-Employed.

2. Choose the Menu icon located in the upper-left section and then, choose Settings.

3. Now, turn on Track Slow Speed Trips.

Complete a “Health Inspection"

1. First of all, login to the QuickBooks Self-Employed.

2. Choose the Menu icon from the upper-left section and then, choose Settings.

3. Now, swipe down to choose Mileage Tracking.

4. Next, look for the setting with yellow, green or red “lights.”
     * If there is a green light, it means that all the settings are kept ON correctly and there is no need to troubleshoot or reset them.
     * If there is a yellow light, it implies that there is a “test” to perform. Generally, it appears when the settings turn green from red, and the app asks to “test” something.
     * If a red light appears, it means that there are issues that need to be resolved.

5. In case you find red light, choose ‘Fix This.’

6. After resolving the settings, take a trip to check mileage tracking. In case it doesn't work correctly, open Settings again and choose Mileage Tracking. After that, choose Send Logs.

7. Once done with these tasks, you need to take one or two drives.

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In case you are still facing the issues with the trip tracking, you need to reach out to for immediate assistance to fix this problem. Not only can you troubleshoot this problem, but you can also resolve all types of QuickBooks technical glitches with the help of our professionals. Simply, contact Quickbooks customer service tollfree number and you can easily get rid of all such issues with your product.